Our mission for The Great Commission has not changed. The way people engage with the Church has.

Therefore the strategies and tactics we use to engage people must evolve for us to maximize impact 

There are so many questions to answer...

  • What does our in-person model need to look like to get people “back” to church?
  • What role does digital play in our overall strategy? 
  • What digital tools would be most helpful for reaching our mission and where can we get them?
  • How do we create a holistic engagement strategy that will reach new people and create community with our existing congregation? 
  • Are we aligned organizationally for growth and maximum effectiveness? 
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Most leaders today have clarity in what impact looks like, but lack the clarity in how to get from where they are to reaching that vision for maximum effectiveness.

Our Clear Path Forward will help you and your leadership teams solidify your current reality with a clearly defined strategy to reach your preferred future.

The Clear Path Forward is a 30-day process that culminates with
one to two days on-site with you and your team.

The outcome will be a clearly defined written deliverable including:
1) clarifying your missional and organizational identity, 2) a clearly defined strategy, and 3) what tools you need in order to effectively execute that strategy.

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Clear Path Forward with Liquid Church

"We really wanted to pull back and take a 30,000-foot view and figure out where are we and where do we want to be going. And I thought we needed expert voices to figure that out. That's why we brought in the Clear Path Forward...we needed a Clear Path Forward, and we needed someone to help shepherd us on that journey”

Lauren Bercarich, Digital Director, Liquid Church


“The two-day onsite that we had CPF was tremendous... It was just a series of aha moments… we’re recognizing where we are, we’re recognizing where we need to be going, identifying goals, and how we need to tackle things to actually pursue digital expansion for our church. We had clarity after two days. That was followed up by an in-depth report of the next steps that we need to be taking so we can actually put that strategy into action. So now I feel like we actually know how to proceed moving forward and we have our goals clearly outlined for the rest of the year.”
Lauren Bercarich
Lauren Bercarich
Digital Director of Liquid Church
"Glenn gave us the opportunity to give feedback from the group that I am involved with. I have been blessed to be in a group with Dan Vander Wall, Season Huff, Scott Connor, Glenn Wood (host) and Nathan for the past 6 months and looking forward to continuing our time together. It truly is one of my favorite meetings of the month. I gain so much insight and wisdom in each meeting. At times, I feel like a kid in a candy shop as learn from these amazing leaders."
Kevin Cook
Executive Pastor, Cross Point Church
The consulting sessions were extremely valuable and a value add for our team. I would say value on top on value!”
Bryon Mengle
Online Campus & Community Group Pastor, Cornwall Church
"My online cohort and coaching with Kyle has been a needed breath of fresh air. Our group is filled with authenticity, vulnerability, innovation, and support. Kyle has a wealth of knowledge and not afraid to share his failures as well as his wins. He cares about each one of us individually and wants to help us all succeed in our own situation."
Ryan Robinson
Online / Young Adults Pastor, Jacob's Well Church