Digital Engagement Series

A four-segment digital engagement series developed by Executive Leadership Solutions & Resi to equip leaders as they grow their church and maximize evangelism through digital engagement.

The Modern Day Church

Your Streaming Guide to Building an Online Congregation

What if we told you that online ministry doesn’t need to be complex and overwhelming?

Creating a hybrid strategy that equips your congregation with true digital discipleship is not only possible but can be an easy and straightforward process for churches of all sizes.

In this companion resource developed by Resi, we uncover the vital elements needed to build a strong hybrid strategy. 

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Digital Engagement Series Finale

Now Streaming!

We know that in-person attendance in churches at the moment are on the decline and many people due to COVID are prioritizing other things or looking at alternative solutions to in-person attendance. Doing digital ministry is tough and needs lots of attention and thought in order to succeed. We are trying to equip churches to do digital ministry well.

Join us live for the last event in the Digital Engagement Series, as Nathan Artt and the Resi team share his final thoughts on how churches can build their congregations digitally and in-person!

Series Featured Speaker

Collin Jones

Collin Jones has been with Resi since 2016 and his passion for helping organizations use technology to grow their reach has served him well in his role as President at Resi. He has been fortunate to get to learn from the many phases of growth Resi has experienced, and prior was a leader in sales and marketing across multiple technology companies.  As humbled as he considers himself to lead such an amazing team at Resi, Collin finds himself especially blessed in his role as husband and father. He and his family currently reside in the suburbs of Dallas.

Kyle Ranson

Kyle Ranson is a pastor and leader of creative product development with over 15 years of experience building and leading highly innovative and effective teams. For the past decade, he has served on the executive leadership team at Crossroads Church overseeing physical and digital experiences for all ages, software development, social media and marketing, content creation and generosity. In his time serving, Crossroads has twice been named the Fastest Growing church in America and has recently seen it’s online church experience tremendous growth.

Nathan Artt

Principal + Founder
Executive Leadership Solutions

Nathan is the principal and founder of Ministry Solutions and Executive Leadership Solutions, organizations located in Atlanta, GA focused on equipping leaders for the Church of the Future. In the last 10 years, Ministry Solutions has assisted hundreds of churches in navigating the complexities of growth with finances, multisite, and building projects. Executive Leadership Solutions was founded two year ago and throughout that time has connected thousands of executive leaders from around the country with each other and the best thought leaders from ministry and business. After becoming a Christian at Buckhead Church in 2012, following a successful career in banking, development, and private equity, Nathan left his position as the SVP of Corporate Development at one of the largest financial firms in the country to follow a passion to serve the local church.

Alan George

Digital Engagement
Executive Leadership Solutions 

Alan was on staff at Life.Church for almost 10 years, serving primarily as the Church Online Pastor. Life.Church is based in Oklahoma, United States, and is a multi-site church that founded the YouVersion Bible App. Life.Church Online was founded in 2006 and today reaches people from countries all over the world through nearly 100 digital church services weekly, led by a global volunteer team from over 55 different countries. During his tenure at Life.Church, Life.Church Online has grown its reach to be the largest Church Online ministry in the world. 

About Resi

Resi Media delivers leading end-to-end live streaming technology. Our all-in-one video delivery platform specializes in high-quality transmission and industry-leading reliability for web, multisite and on demand streaming. Resi was founded in 2016 to fill a void in the professional video market and now serves thousands of nonprofit and for-profit organizations across the globe.

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About Executive Leadership Solutions

We are in a time of significant change, and leadership is more lonely than ever. Executive Leadership Solutions exists to equip executive leaders for the Church of the Future by connecting leaders to each other and to the best thought leadership in ministry and business through On-Demand Consulting, Virtual Roundtables, and Events.

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