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Discipleship for a Digital Age


The real value of Digital Discipleship has more to do with discipleship than digital.

We know change is needed, but where do we start?

The digital platform is critical in sharing the gospel in today’s culture. However, leaders are left with many unanswered questions and tough decisions. “Discipleship for a Digital Age” guides readers through a facilitated conversation to tackle the challenges of connecting with their audience by creating a personalized church experience.

Unleash ministry innovation through engagement and personalized design.

And no, just because it's digital doesn't mean it can't be human. As you read, keep your focus on reaching people, not mastering marketing techniques. 

Here are a few key topics you'll learn in this eBook:

  • Ministry Innovation: Expectations vs. Reality
  • How to Explain Digital Discipleship to Your Mom
  • Eleven Embarrassing Mistakes About Digital Engagement to Avoid
  • Why Experience Design Is Your Greatest Vulnerability (and Your Biggest Opportunity)
  • Seven Changes That’ll Make a Big Difference With Your Outreach and Evangelism

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