Dan Reiland, Dan Vander Wal & Nathan Artt

Equipping The Next Generation of Executive Leaders

"Anchored in my generation, led by his generation, to reach the next generation"

- Dan Reiland on Leadership Transition
Dan Reiland has been with 12Stone Church for 20+ years. One day he and his team sat around a table and a thought occurred: “...every one of us were in our 40s and 50’s. We’re gonna blink and we’re all gonna be in our 50s and 60s. And that’s just probably not the best position to reach the next gen.” Realizing that they weren’t able to control time, they focused on what they could control: training up future executive leaders.

The Church is not only in the largest leadership transition in our history, but the “baton” is being passed down to much younger leaders. Dan Reiland and Dan Vander Wal, the new 38-year-old Executive Pastor of 12Stone Church, share their experience of transitioning leadership to the next generation of leaders, including:

  • How to choose a timeline for succession planning

  • Identifying the right leader

  • Why speed and pressure matter during a transition

  • How to live in the tension of taking the baton and giving the baton

  • Practical advice for both new and experienced leaders

  • Tools for leadership development at all stages of succession

  • Why Coaches and Advisors are necessary for a successful leadership transition

Whether or not you are experiencing a transition in leadership within your organization, the interview will give you incredible insights into leadership development.

A key factor in the long-term success of an emerging leader is having the guidance of an experienced mentor
who can help rising leaders as they navigate the complexities that come with moving into leadership.

This Virtual Roundtable, led by Dan Reiland, is focused on guiding the up-and-coming generation of executive leaders
in the church so they can step into these new roles equipped and confident.

Here are a few topics and thoughts you can expect to cover:

Strategic Planning
Organizational Structure & Staffing
Team Effectiveness
Leadership Development
Resilience and Rhythms in Ministry
Second Chair Leadership, and more!