Kyle Ranson: Reaching the Lost and Unengaged

HubSpot Video

Building a digital ministry that is minor on content, major on community, and hyper-focused on growing in faith.

What if the decline in church attendance isn’t about people being far from God or leaving the church but is actually about Christians realizing that the model of church is no longer working for them? 

This is the idea that Kyle Ranson and the team at Crossroads Community Church in Cincinnati wrestled through as they launched a nationwide study exploring the role that digital might play in evangelism.

In this video, Nathan Artt and Kyle Ranson discuss how Crossroads has redefined what it is to create a digital ministry experience that is deeply intentional,  focused on community, provides relevant resourcing, and prioritizes relationships over simply consuming content.

Kyle shares practical strategies, critical insights, missteps, and wins that the Crossroads team has encountered on the path to creating a ministry experience with the online user in full focus. 

New Leader Groups: Digital Engagement

Digital experts, Alan George, Kyle Ranson, and others, will lead these groups curated to help online community leaders process their biggest challenges and opportunities.

In the Digital Engagement Leader Group, you can expect to: 

  • Connect with like-minded executive leaders of similar-sized churches who are also working towards building their digital presence.
  • Be led by a mentor from one of the largest, most effective online churches in the US.
  • Engage in monthly discussions with your Leader Group to exchange ideas, solutions,  tips, and lessons learned.
  • Have a team of peers and a mentor who are fully committed to helping you develop as a leader.