Lead Pastor and Executive Pastor Leader Groups

Lead Pastor and Executive Pastor Leader Groups

Our Lead Pastor and Executive Pastor Leader Group experiences are exclusively designed for your relational and leadership needs to connect, innovate, and implement change.

Bi-annual Cohort Gatherings. Gather twice a year with an exclusive Leader Group of 10-12 peers. Each Leader Group is organized by church size and complexity and is crafted for optimal synergy and collaboration. At each gathering, you will meet at leading churches across the country and glean wisdom from 2-3 national leaders. The 2 ½ day experience is designed to move you through a unique process of collaboration, innovation, and problem-solving. You will experience critical ‘aha’ moments and leave with concrete ‘next steps’ for moving your church forward. Your program director and mentors will personally help you move into the next six months with resolve, clarity, and renewed vision.

Monthly Q&A with national leaders and influencers. Get real-time insights and solutions to the most pressing issues that you and your executive leadership team are facing. This 60-minute monthly call will provide you 20 minutes of cutting edge leadership ‘ahas’, followed by 40 minutes of q&a where we advance our leadership together.

Weekly Expert Spotlights. Stay connected via our weekly email to receive tips, resources, and leadership tools from the most respected leaders in the country on topics including strategic planning, leadership pipelines, staffing priorities, digital engagement, and more.

Mastermind Groups. Each month you will have the opportunity to sit (virtually) with 4-5 like-minded peers. You will tackle your most pressing challenges together and have the opportunity to test new ideas and solutions with one another. It will be a place of support and accountability for results.

Leadership Resources. Throughout the year you will receive resources that the team at Executive Leadership Solutions has carefully chosen for you based on your customized needs. This will include resources for your growth or health as a leader, but it will also include free registration to conferences such as Sticky Teams and the Executive Leadership Summit.

Coaching and Care. Our priority is to fully support the advancement of your impact as a leader, as well as the depth of your health as a follower of Jesus. To accomplish this, we make ourselves available five days a week to answer your questions or support your needs, whether that be connecting you with a resource, coaching, assessment or otherwise that will help you thrive.

*This support extends not only to you as a leader, but also to your spouse (where applicable). Your yearly engagement with our Leader Group is accompanied by the opportunity for your spouse to engage in a virtual spouse cohort to support and serve them as they lead alongside you.

*New Leader Groups for Lead Pastors and Executive Pastors launch in Spring and Fall 2021.

We offer Leader Groups for specific church sizes and complexities. Set up an appointment to find your group today.

"I was in an XP Leader Group several years back. The relationships I built there were life giving for me as a leader. A month doesn't go by that I'm not messaging with several of the guys. I would highly recommend an XP Leader Group with Executive Leadership Solutions."


Jacob Williamson - Executive Pastor, Celebration Church, TX

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