Our Story

More than ever, as an executive leader, you need an exclusive place to connect with other high-level leaders and find solutions to your most pressing challenges.
In a poll in 2020 by Barna Research, 11% of pastors indicated that they feel completely competent to lead right now. This number has always been low, but it may be at an all-time low.
Traditional thinking has been tested.
Future methods and models are uncertain.
Leaders are isolated.
Executive Leadership Solutions (ELS) was established to serve executive church leaders in this space where there is no playbook. Our mission is to:
  • help you connect with other like-minded leaders
  • tackle your biggest leadership pain points, and
  • drive the breakthroughs your church needs.
    All while prioritizing your health and well being as a leader.
We were formally established in 2020 by Ministry Solutions. Since their inception in 2012, they have managed and funded over $600M in church projects across the country, working on development and strategy with some of the largest and fastest-growing churches in America.
As their ministry expanded, so did their relationships with executive leadership teams of large and rapidly growing churches. Leadership conversations and collaboration began to extend beyond real estate, building, and finances.
In 2018 the Executive Leadership Summit was launched. An invite-only event for some of the nation’s most influential executive leaders. 
As the Summit and other collaborative opportunities continued to expand, It became clear in 2020 that it was time to formalize what God was unfolding. And so Executive Leadership Solutions was birthed.
We are laser-focused on helping you connect with other high-level leaders and together innovating solutions to your most pressing challenges.