Virtual Roundtables are peer-driven environments designed to help you develop skills, challenge ideas, and lead with clarity


ELS exists to equip executive leaders for the church of the future. We do that by connecting leaders to each other and to the best thought leaders available in ministry and business.

Upcoming Virtual Roundtables


What are Virtual Roundtables?

Virtual Roundtables are peer-driven environments of 5-8 people, facilitated by a group mentor, where executive leaders can come to challenge ideas, develop skills, and lead with better clarity.

What is the time commitment and financial investment for joining a Virtual Roundtable?

Virtual Roundtables will last for six months, meeting virtually once per month for two hours.

Each Virtual Roundtable investment is $250 per month. 

How do Virtual Roundtables work?

Virtual Roundtables are intentionally small for increased collaboration and one-to-one communication opportunities with the mentor. We will ask each group member to submit their challenge/question/need one week before the group meets. This allows the mentor and other members a chance to research topics for discussion. As appropriate, topic experts may also be invited to speak to the issue when the group meets.

Who are the mentors?

Our mentors are seasoned executives from larger churches, who also have the humility to serve and a heart for the local church leadership. Mentors will be selected for each group based on who is in the group. 

Can I invite people I know into a Virtual Roundtable?

Yes, as long as it is before the group starts. Just send us an email and let us know who! 

What is the level of confidentiality?

We believe relational safety is imperative, and this cannot be achieved without confidentiality. We want leaders to show up with their real issues and find support without any concern of having conversations shared outside the group. Everyone who participates will be required to commit to 100% confidentiality.

What topics will be covered?

This will be determined by the group, but some examples are tracking church engagement, budget/finances, staffing/benefits, future church innovation, digital engagement, and building use strategy. 

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"The VRT created a valuable space for new learning in the context of peers and real conversations. It was one of the most refreshing and insightful times of the month for me. It has created an impact not just in my leadership, but in those around me... I'm super grateful for the impact Dan's leadership in making in our church."
Eric Lee
Brooklyn, New York
“I definitely recommend Vokalia & Consonantia. Find the courage to pursue your dream. Don't wait, like I did.”
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Kelly Brighton
Boston, Massachusetts



“The two-day onsite that we had CPF was tremendous... It was just a series of aha moments… we’re recognizing where we are, we’re recognizing where we need to be going, identifying goals, and how we need to tackle things to actually pursue digital expansion for our church. We had clarity after two days. That was followed up by an in-depth report of the next steps that we need to be taking so we can actually put that strategy into action. So now I feel like we actually know how to proceed moving forward and we have our goals clearly outlined for the rest of the year.”
Lauren Bercarich
Lauren Bercarich
Digital Director of Liquid Church
"Glenn gave us the opportunity to give feedback from the group that I am involved with. I have been blessed to be in a group with Dan Vander Wall, Season Huff, Scott Connor, Glenn Wood (host) and Nathan for the past 6 months and looking forward to continuing our time together. It truly is one of my favorite meetings of the month. I gain so much insight and wisdom in each meeting. At times, I feel like a kid in a candy shop as learn from these amazing leaders."
Kevin Cook
Executive Pastor, Cross Point Church
The consulting sessions were extremely valuable and a value add for our team. I would say value on top on value!”
Bryon Mengle
Online Campus & Community Group Pastor, Cornwall Church
"My online cohort and coaching with Kyle has been a needed breath of fresh air. Our group is filled with authenticity, vulnerability, innovation, and support. Kyle has a wealth of knowledge and not afraid to share his failures as well as his wins. He cares about each one of us individually and wants to help us all succeed in our own situation."
Ryan Robinson
Online / Young Adults Pastor, Jacob's Well Church