Frank Blake took over The Home Depot as the CEO in 2007, when The Home Depot had almost no digital presence. Within seven years, The Home Depot became the fourth largest online retailer in the United States under his leadership. What’s astonishing is that in the same year, only 5% of The Home Depot’s sales came online. In short, The Home Depot developed a digital platform that drove people to buy in the store, increasing their in-store sales by nearly 400%.

We had the opportunity to host Mr. Blake at several of our Innovation Labs in the spring, where he walked through these important questions:

  • How do we create an online, digital experience that drives people to our locations?
  • What is required from us organizationally to maximize on what is possibly one of our greatest evangelical opportunities of our lifetime?
  • How do we use the digital platform to connect with people who may otherwise never come to our buildings?

Frank Blake now serves as the Chairman of the Board for Delta Airlines, and serves on the Board of Directors for Procter & Gamble, Macy’s and several others. He is known worldwide as one of the top leaders in digital transformation.


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