Nathan Artt, David Ashcraft, & Jason Mitchell on Succession Planning

Passing The Baton

Getting it right is critical to the long-term stability of a church and its mission.

Succession in the church marks the intentional transfer of leadership and authority from one leader to the next.  There are many resources about the mechanics of a successful transition, but few touch on the human aspect of succession and all the complexities that come with it. There are many obstacles to navigate during a transition, but getting it right is critical to the long-term stability of a church and its mission. 

Nathan Artt sat down with Lead Pastor David Ashcraft and Teaching Pastor Jason Mitchell from LCBC Church to talk about their succession plan that is currently underway.

The process began nearly a decade ago when Pastor David Ashcraft committed to leaving LCBC Church better with him gone than with him there. 

The lead pastor of over 31 years knew it was time to start mapping out a strategy for succession. So, with the help of Jason and the succession board at LCBC, they began outlining the nine-year succession plan with intentionality and focus on doing what's best for the church. 

In this interview, Pastors David and Jason candidly discuss the succession process, hard-earned learnings, and the wisdom they’ve gained along the way. 

Here are some key points of wisdom that you’ll gain from the interview:  

  • The deep vulnerability that exists in both releasing the baton and patiently waiting to receive it
  • The ruthless honesty and remarkable trust that is required between both leaders  
  • The importance of progressive and visible leadership from the current leader to the next
  • Knowing your identity is not rooted in your role and responsibilities  
  • Insights for leaders who are considering succession
  • Advice for leaders who are stepping into an executive role
  • and so much more 

Wherever you are in the succession process, we hope this conversation is helpful and gives you clarity and encouragement for the season ahead. 

Succession Planning with David Ashcraft

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Getting succession right is critical to the long-term stability and mission of your church -
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